Keri Hilson Gets Sexy for Snapchat

If you’ve been following Keri Hilson on snapchat, then you’ve noticed that the R&B crooner has been “wild’n out” lately. Yesterday, Ms. Keri decided to share a sexy photo of herself in a skimpy outfit- featuring her lady part, which was strategically covered by the monkey emoji.


In June, Hilson broke the internet when she posted a video of herself eating a popsicle that seemed to be sexually suggestive to a lot of her fans. But anytime an artist or celebrity post their shenanigans on social media, a project looms in the near future.


It’s been six years since the singer-songwriter released her sophomore album “No Boys Allowed,” which produced the hit “Pretty Girl Rock.” Following the release, Ms. Keri was noticeably absent from the music scene – with her giving no excuse as to why. Although many would contribute her absence to being ousted from the music industry after she seemingly dissed Queen Bey in the lyrics to her “Turnin’ Me On” remix in 2008.


“She can sing, but need to move it ‘to the (left)’ / She need to go have some babies / She needs to sit down, she fadin’… / Go ‘head and tell them folks how long I been writing your songs / I been putting you on, just check the credits.”


Hilson later denied that those lyrics were aimed at Beyonce.


Earlier this year, a press release surfaced publicizing the star’s return. However, she quickly debunked the claims, while confirming the legitimacy of the tracks named. She also confirmed the statement’s claim that the LP is titled “L.I.A.R,” an acronym for “love is a religion.”

Who’s confused?

If Keri is smart, she’ll release her new music on the brink of her film debut in the holiday film “Almost Christmas,” which she stars alongside Mo’Nique, Gabrielle Union, Danny Glover and many more. The film arrives in theaters on Nov. 11th.


Ms. Ker, thank you for sharing this amazing photo, we will forever cherish it in our hearts. However, we need you to release some new music on iTunes, Spotify, Tidal, or even Soundcloud.


We’re rooting for you!

Nehemiah Taylor

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