Hey Mikey- “SHE Can Be His Knight!”

Hey Mikey,

My daughter is an amazingly strong woman. She is a black belt in karate, an ex-Marine, and now a police officer. Her fiance, however, is some scrawny ass IT Tech. He can barely walk up a hill without being winded. In fact he’s not really good at any physical activities. When we talk about violent situations, he spouts nonsense about him being a “conscientious objector.” I’ve told my daughter about my feelings, but she insists she wants to marry him still, saying she can protect the both of them well enough. I can’t in good conscience hand my daughter over to a man who cannot physically protect her. What should I do?

***Congratulations on raising a superhero! It sounds like your daughter can handle herself pretty well. Besides that she is an adult and I believe she knows what she can and cannot deal with. I understand you may be trying to protect her, but in 2016 women are just as capable as any man to protect and defend themselves–your daughter more so! Her wedding day should be the happiest day of her life, please don’t ruin it with archaic notions of gender roles. She can be his Knight!

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Hey Mikey!

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