Beasts of No Nation Blows Viewers Away

I saw terrible things. I did terrible things. So If I’m talking to you it will make you sad. Make me sad. I just want to be, happy in this life. I just want to be happy in this life. If I’m telling this to you. You are saying that I am some sort of beast, or Devil. And I’m all of this things. But I also have a mother, father, brother and sister once. They loved me.

-Agu, Beasts of No Nation

No child should ever be afforded the opportunity to verbalize such strong words. Beasts of No Nation is an accurate depiction and in many cases the PG version of the lives of so many young children in Africa. Striped of their family, childhood and dignity only to be brainwashed into war by someone they think cares about them. Their innocence and childlike ways are ultimately tarnished forever with every cruel act they participant in or see.

For those who have seen this powerful Netflix original, I commend you! For the ones who haven’t, here are 5 reasons why it’s an absolute must-see.

  1. Idris Elba stars in this movie! Although he does not play a character to love, his acting skills are worth the 2 hours and 17 minutes.
  2. Abraham Attah may be small but he packs a performance that is deserving of winning every award this movie is nominated for.
  3. When you think about the title, Beasts of No Nation, any person of African heritage especially here in America can relate to the feeling of having your history ripped beneath your feet and your home land taken away.
  4. If you already have a Netflix account, there’s honestly no excuse. You already paid for the movie, might as well watch it.
  5. Did I mention that Idris Elba stars in this movie? Oh, I did. Well, he alone deserves two reasons to watch the movie.

Claire Howard


Claire Howard is a Howard University graduate who fell in love with pen and paper. Creative writing and fashion drive her, and have propelled her into a career in public relations and branding. Formally trained at Moki Media in Washington, D.C., Claire has worked with clients such as New York Times Best-Selling author Wes Moore, international photographer Nigel Barker, The McBride Sisters and their vino label Truvee Wine, Blo Blow Dry Bar and many more. In early 2015, Claire started her own Public Relations firm, LLM Works, based in Washington, D.C. LLM provides branding and communications services to clients in entertainment, health and fitness, and the beauty and fashion industries