The Beauty of Romphims, while embracing masculinity

Launched by ACED Design the Romphim Kickstarter campaign had the internet in complete chaos. ACED Design set out to raise over $10,000 dollars by selling original style men’s rompers.

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Photo: Courtesy of Kickstarter/ ACED Design

Everyone is going nuts over a trend that isn’t new. Popular among women the one-piece shirt and short combo is gracing the bodies of men, such as Cam Newton and Andy Cohen. Like most fashion trends people either love it or hate it. One might say Romphims challenge masculinity, but are Dickies and overalls any different? It’s about changing society’s perception, and not allowing a stigma to influence fashion.


Fashion states “Gender specific clothing no longer matters”, yet if that was the case there wouldn’t be a debate regarding Romphims.

If society is all about diversity, free spirits, and open minds why are people being closed minded about this trend? Even though the gender boundary is fading, we still find ourselves categorizing clothing. Romphims have been around for many years, is it possible people are turned off by the term?


First seen on the ever enchanting James Bond, men have been wearing rompers for years.

Men of the 1800s are seen wearing this attire for beachwear and loungewear. Who are we to make a judgment on a man’s sexuality based on his wardrobe? The younger generation Jaden Smith and Lil Uzi have become known for their eccentric genderless fashion. These aspiring artists are pushing boundaries and giving fashion a new look. Motivating the new generation to be themselves and be different. With fashion leaders like this, why does society have to question it?

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