Ben Baller’s IFANDCO Yeezy Boost 350 Pendant

Ben Baller’s IFANDCO jewelry company founded in 2004 and family operated since, has been distributing out luxurious custom pieces for celebs and artists like Pusha T, Trinidad James andyeezy-boost-pendant-ifandco-1 more. For their latest innovative project, the South LA-based company took on the task of mimicking or reinterpreting one of Kanye’s best jewels, I’m not talking actual jewelry either, but the iconic Yeezy Boost 350 silhouette. With careful crafting and an eye for each detail of the sneaker right down to the engraved Boost and Adidas logo on the sole, the finished result is a 14-yeezy-boost-pendant-ifandco-2karat rose gold pendant. However this is not just your ordinary pendant, draped with over 7 carats of Champagne, Cognac and IFANDCO’s proprietary diamonds, this pendant is sure to weigh heavy on your average keychain or bryeezy-boost-pendant-ifandco-3acelet. Fully handcrafted and iced out to the T, this accessory is definitely for the sneaker heads out there. View the close-ups down below and head over to their website to see more custom creations. Trust guys they can ice out anything from your keys to a watch, IFANDCO got all your luxury needs. Don’t forget to stay up to date with the latest in men’s fashion and trends you guys. Got to blast! – EffYeahMark

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