And the Best Hair Award Goes Too!?!? 2014 BillBoard Awards Showdown!!

Yes! Don’t you enjoy a great showcase? The 2014 Billboard Awards was an excellent display of fashion, make-up, and of course gorgeous hair! Not only did talented stars grace the stage with show stopping performances, but their hair did also. This year’s award show took place at the luxurious MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas, NV. I think award ceremonies whether its in music or film, should create a category for best hair! Since there is no such thing yet, I create my own Top 5 best Hair Award to crown the winner supreme by her tresses. Here is my selection for best hair at an award ceremony.


Number 1: This lady takes the crown by a landslide! Kelly Rowland showed elegance and her sexier side by taking us back with her retro cropped look!


Number 2: The second runner up for this Award goes to the Barbie, Nicki Minaj. I love how she takes risk with her wardrobe and hair. The natural look is a winner!


Number 3 & 4: This was a close choice for me so I decided to crown both ladies with this spot. These two ladies of country music knows how to rock a house and some great hair! Congratulations to Miranda Lambert and Carrie Underwood! Not only was their hair fabulous, but the whole look worked.


Number 5: Finally, this last spot goes to a pop/rock artist and song writer who has traded in her dirty look for a more classic appearance. I am sure she is still a cannibal at heart! Ke$ha thanks for your balance between personal style and staying true to your own brand!

2014 Billboard Music Awards - Red Carpet


Jarius Tommillson

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