Beyoncé Explores Fame and Feminism in Short Film: Yours and Mine

Beyoncé is know for her surprises, with dropping albums and videos over the last couple of years.  Yesterday, Beyoncé unexpectedly released a short film entitled, Yours and Mine, that celebrates her one year anniversary of her visual album, Beyoncé. The short film is introspective and chronicles Bey’s feelings about fame, feminism and her personal life in light of all of that.

The short film is 12 minutes of her compiled music videos.  She opens up the film with “I sometimes wish I could just be anonymous and walk down the street just like everyone else…” and with that you immediately sink in to hear more because the woman that we all look to shares a moment of vulnerability that we don’t necessarily expect or at times, even believe.

Check out the film above to see a side that we rarely see of Queen Bey.


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