Boris & Nicole Cover The Summer Lust Issue

Summer is starting to HEAT up and things just got sexier as Nicole Ari Parker and Boris Kodjoe sizzle on the summer cover of Kontrol Magazine. The couple brought their undeniable love and charm to the cover shoot as they get things ready for the Boris & Nicole show and the next chapter of their life. Check out some of that the had to say…

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When it comes to love and the pursuit thereof, the journey is seldom easy, let alone straightforward. Many people spend years, or even lifetimes, trying to find the perfect person for them. It is like some cosmic game of finding a needle in a haystack. Still, there is that moment when you find your “needle” and it seems like it was all worth it. Somehow everything just clicks—the journey to them, the chemistry between you two, and the powerful love you share. That is what two amazing celebrities, Boris Kodjoe and Nicole Ari Parker, have found together; and honestly it seems to have been one interesting ride! These two need no real introduction. Most of us grew up watching them on Soul Food and a number of other movies and television shows; and are still in awe of their talent, relatability, kindness, and the deep and enduring love they have for one another. Thankfully, Boris and Nicole are not yet done with us and have an awesome project of their own on the way!

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Many people believe in love at first sight. It sounds a little farfetched nowadays, and it definitely was not the case with Boris and Nicole. When asked was it love at first sight for them they collectively exclaimed “No!” and began to laugh. “It definitely was not love at first sight, it was more like, definitely a strong like [she laughs]…I was with someone else at the time…” Nicole hilariously explains. “I agree it was definitely a strong like, but over time and working together we cultivated a strong friendship…we were definitely good friends long before we became romantically involved…that friendship really set the foundation for our relationship and marriage…but it didn’t hurt she was beautiful too [he laughs]…” It looks like in this case friends really did make the best lovers

Boris and Nicole’s relationship has become one of the staples in Hollywood. During a time when “happy divorces” are more celebrated and publicized more than happy marriages; one has to wonder does this power couple ever feel pressured to stay together. “Oh definitely man, the pressure is always there…people are always looking they [Boris and Nicole] are still holding on…it’s nice to be looked up to, but it is still a lot of pressure having to maintain an image…” Nicole agrees with her husband one hundred percent; “Sometimes he [Boris] and I will be in the middle of an argument and I stop and look at him and I’m like ‘you know we can’t break up right?’ [She laughs aloud]…Like any couple we have our issues, I know his buttons and he knows mine, just like any other two people in a relationship we have to constantly work at not pushing them…” It is refreshing to meet two people who are down to earth and honest about the flaws in their marriage, despite how pristine the media would paint them to be. Boris and Nicole seem to grasp wholeheartedly, unlike many couples currently, that pitfalls are a part of a relationship.

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Written By: Michael “Hero” Fanning




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