Card Declined! Young “Hit Maker,” Yung Berg allegedly attacks girlfriend, Masika Turner!

“Love & Hip-Hop Hollywood” has definitely delivered us some major drama on AND off, the screen. Thus, it is no surprise the reunion special is so rife with controversy. However, these latest allegations/shenanigans take the cake. Rapper/producer, Yung Berg has been accused of assaulting his girlfriend, Masika Turner! According to sources close to Masika and TMZ, “… after a booze-filled night at the ‘Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood’ reunion show in NYC, Berg went to pay his bill, but the card was over the limit. Yung stormed out, went to his hotel and Masika followed. She told him she paid the bill and schooled him for leaving her … and he reacted by grabbing her by the neckthrowing her on the bed and pulling her out of the room by her hair. Yung then allegedly continued his assault by choking her out.”


In the aftermath of the attack he was arrested for “obstruction of breathing!” Masika has come forward declaring the allegations to be untrue. She blames it on the alchohol (really?) and says it was completely out of character for him. Their cast mate, and Berg’s former lover, Hazel E.; however is singing a different tune. She is not surprised by his antics, pointing out he has been aggressive with her before as well. “I mean, as you see in episode six, there was an altercation with us in the car and you see that he didn’t, you know, restrain me or walk away. He definitely engaged back with me in that car scene and dumped my purse all over the street…So you know, with my experience with him in that scene alone, I felt like you never defended yourself when you got your chain snatched or when you got hit in the back of your head, but you were ready to tussle with me in the vehicle. It raises an eyebrow for me.”

Hazel E.
Hazel E.

Maybe Hazel E.’statements and sentiments are founded on sour grapes? Nevertheless, domestic violence is NEVER okay. Women are dying everyday, and making excuses for your man when he does that to you is NOT  a good look Masika! Keep calm Hazel E., you just dodged a bullet!


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