Charli Baltimore and Diamond Re-Emerge at the BET Hip Hop Awards And Talk With Kontrol TV

The BET Hip Hop awards kicked off last night with a bang and Kontrol TV was there to get all the latest and exclusive. We caught up with two business women who are no stranger to the rap game Diamond and Charli Baltimore. These female rappers are back and ready to let the world know they never left.
It seems that the formally red hair diva  Charli Baltimore is back with her own label and felt that her projects would be the best way to open their  label up to other artist so that they can get a feel of what’s to come for them and how her team operates as a unit. Charli also told Kontrol TV her new mixtape shows her growth from the Red hair Charli to Charli Baltimore now?
“Charli- Its very versatile, its all over the place. Its pretty much a east coast feel with a Midwest swag” she said.
The BET Hip Hop Awards surely brings out the stars from the past and were super excited to have Charli back!
Now it seems our girl Diamond has had her hands in everything from movies, music,  a reality show and now  shapers…Diamond is really building an empire and it seems like there is nothing stopping her. Diamond says she is a business women that wears many hats and 2013/2014 is her year to shine. Check out more of what she had to say below.



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