Concept Korea Introduces Bold Patterns, Kimono Fabrics And More For NYFW

New York Fashion Week is nothing short of great collections and variety geared towards singularity. There’s simply something for every one while satisfying different tastes.

Taeyong Ko, Seunghee Lee and Juyoung Lee – three designers whose collections were featured for the Concept Korea’s Fall/Winter 2015 show on Feb. 9 during NYFW.

The features included Beyond Closet by Taeyong Ko, LEYII by Seunghee Lee and Resurrection by Juyoung Lee.

Ko’s Beyond Closet served as the opening for the show with pieces that had personified bold attitudes, casualness and individuality. Reportedly, Yong’s best pieces included an alpaca trench coat, a black calfskin biker jacket with gold zippers attached and a cobalt. The chic styling had conveyed classic looks and masculine tones.

The looks can be a more “attractive” option to those overseas or even the everyday New Yorker. It speaks to a crowd of global trendsetters and the definitive lovers. Ko made sure to give men some variety in their choice of clothing.

Ko’s theme was defined as “New Orange Boy.”  According to MBFashionWeek, “New Orange Boy” portrays:

the new generation of youth independent of family riches who strive to live their own lives.


Seunghee Lee was next in line as the only women’s label shown to the audience. Lee used clean copies of her work, minimally done in neutral colors and patterns all while keeping a shape that was slender and sleek.

Last season, Lee took a few risks departing from her strengths while introducing sheer blouses and jewel patterned palettes. This collection included a more demure setting with impartial l colors and even a toned down purple as its burst of color.

The featured models wore little make up which helped blend in perfectly with Lee’s tuneful collection. Her best pieces included a beige mustang vest and an ivory scarf.

LEYII’s theme was “Pur-Ensemble” which means to “to be in harmony.”


LEYII Boring Clothes

Rounding out the show was Juyong Lee’s Resurrection collection; let’s just say Lee wasn’t playing. J Lee took an edgier approach towards her collection. The male models were covered in modernized kimono fabrics, jacquard blazers and funky fauxhawks in hair styling making everything very eye popping. On the “for real, for real,” J. Lee’s line added funk with a little refinement, but a great balance between the two.

Lee covered New Post Punk” Fall/Winter 2015  which denoted “the designers’ unconventional sensibility.”


Between the three lines, each one had a distinction that was not only alluring, modern and classic, but creativity with style. Oh…and we ain’t mad at Juyoung Lee and those kimono fabrics.

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