CULT: My Statement Pieces don’t make Statements

If I had to make a list of things that I don’t have, but definitely need in my wardrobe then statement pieces would be at the top of that list. It’s not that I don’t like statement pieces I just don’t… Well let me be honest. I’m just lazy. The type of statement piece I’m focusing on is jewelry.  I have about ten nice pieces of jewelry in my collection, but I wear them like once a month. Usually when I go out I just throw one of my every day pieces on. My every day pieces include pearl or diamond stud earrings and a ring that my mom gave me in high school. I pretty much conquer the world with studs and my ring. This time around I not only want to conquer the world, but I want to slay while doing it. Since I am already a plane Jane I might as well add something extra to my outfits. Something that makes people say “oh I like how she did that.”

Lately I’ve been wearing a lot of black, but it hasn’t really mattered because the jewelry I wear doesn’t complete the outfit at all! Picture this…fitted black pants with leather lining coming down the sides that make my butt look really nice, a black turtleneck top, black boots with a silver buckle and a chunky heel, and a black leather jacket. Now if you read the first paragraph in its entirety then you already know what jewelry I wore. My studs and my ring. That’s awful right? Yea, I know. Oh, I left the worst part out. I had a fresh cut so my hair was on point too. I’m getting upset with myself as I think about it. I know now that I could’ve given a completely different message off if I just took some more time to pick out a statement piece.

I think jewelry is going to be one of the hardest things to catch on to. It’s crazy because I used to be jewelry crazy! I guess that’s when the colorful bangles and colorful matching beaded necklaces and earrings were in. I’m happy that trend is gone because looking back it was just not cute. I need my jewelry to start saying something other than hey I’m jewelry. I want it to say I’m fabulous, I’m fly, and yasssss!



Wait, I take that back. I’m a little proud of myself because I put some effort in finding and wearing a statement piece last Sunday. Take a look.


Necklaces are actually fun for me to wear I just don’t have quality items to choose from. I stole that piece from my sister. Next week I’m making it my mission to go find some statement pieces. Wish me luck! It’s not goodbye. It’s…



See(C) You(U) Later(L) Tom(T).

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