Cupid’s Got A Belle–In Brooklyn? Get To Know Demetria Lucas!

Love is “ALL.” That last word is infinitely simple, yet intricately deep and all-encompassing. Thus, it is no wonder that love is as alien to some of us as Martian soil. However, as a species we are not completely lost, every now and then someone comes along who gets it; someone who knows that the “all” in love is peppered with work, trial and error, patience, and knowing one’s self-worth. The lovely, intelligent, and determined Demetria Lucas is one of these rare individuals. Hailing from Prince George’s County in Maryland, this rising star left her suburban roots to move to New York City and become, “a belle in Brooklyn.”

Tons of people will claim to be relationship experts, and dish you age old advice which are mostly watered down wives’ tales from the ages. Demetria, however, comes from a newer generation of women who dare to know their self-worth and covet it like royal jewelry. Part of Demetria’s worth is definitely expressed through her writing. Unlike most people, she always knew she wanted to be a writer from a very young age, solidifying this decision after reading Terry McMillan’s “Waiting To Exhale.” “My mother had the book and one day I just picked up and started reading it…I couldn’t put it down…I spent the next several hours reading it…I found it so captivating how the women were living their lives and dealing with everything…” From there she also knew she wanted to be an author. Her interests in relationships, however, stems from listening to the good ol’ “girl talk” between her mother and her girlfriends. “They [her mother and her mother’s friends] would come over and sit in the kitchen and just discuss issues surrounding who they were dating at the time, or what was going on in their romantic lives…you definitely learn a lot from listening in…”

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WHO AM I? That’s probably what you’re thinking? It’s simple I’m this generation’s “Dear Abby!” I was raised in the Fourth Ward of Atlanta, educated in the School of Hard Knocks, and rescued by the concrete and steel of New York City. Life at best will always be bittersweet. The sooner you accept that, the better off you’ll be. I’d prefer to be on your sweeter side. Everyone needs a listening ear, extra shoulder, and open arms when life gets rough. I’m your new best friend, where it all goes south remember I’m a mouse click or tweet away. Hang in there kids, you’re gonna love kickin’ it with me!!! -Michael Jonvier

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