Daddy DeNiro Does Italy with Baby Girl, Wife and Son!

When we think of Robert DeNiro, what comes to mind is most likely a variety of movies. While this Hollywood tough guy is hugely known for his portrayal of often dark and hardened characters, what’s most often overlooked is the roles he plays daily and for which he gets no award statuette – husband and father. Hard roles to fulfill indeed but they’re most rewarding! DeNero is widely respected for his cinematic body of work but he is also notoriously known for being almost silent about his private life. With that being said, who knew this guy and his wife of nearly 16 years, Grace, just had a baby girl?

The actor looked every inch the new man as he took his turn at baby duty during a family boat excursion in Italy that showed his tender side.

The 69-year-old carefully cradled one-year-old Helen Grace gently to his chest while travelling by small boat with wife Grace Hightower and their 15-year-old son Elliot. The Oscar-winning actor and his wife had Helen Grace via surrogate mother.

De Niro clutched the infant and kept her safe while the family motored across picturesque Lake Como to a villa spa.

They met in 1987 and married ten years later. The couple have been married since 1997 but are rarely photographed together.

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