Destiny’s Child Reunion in the Works!

By: Sebastien “The Gay Bestie” Gaudin


The other day the remaining members of mega group Destiny’s Child were spotted all together shooting a video. Yes, all three ladies Beyoncé, Kelly, and Michelle were all together shooting a video in no other then Maplewood, New Jersey (my home state). Sources are saying that the video was for the song “Say Yes” by band mate Michelle Williams. A ruckus arose quickly when the crowd got word that the superstars were in the area on set taping the video.


It’s suspected that the song “may” feature both Beyoncé and Kelly as well in the video version/remix version. The track is an upbeat, up-tempo, inspirational record similar to what gospel group, Mary Mary, is known for.

Sebastien "@TheGayBestie" Gaudin

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