Fashion Girl Halloween Inspiration

As a self-proclaimed fashion girl, it can be really tough to make daily outfit choices. Let alone make one of the biggest outfit decisions of the year! Halloween is that special time of year where you can dress outside of your character or maybe expose a slightly more sluttier version of yourself.  I have now exhausted the need and desire to be my sexiest on Halloween.

Thus, I am thinking of changing it up and do what my fashion girl heart really desires. To emulate a monumental moment of cinema and fashion, you know like Audrey Hepburn in ‘Breakfast at Tiffany”. With her perfectly coiffed chignon, sunglasses, LBD, gloves and pearls. Classic! Or, how iconic Alicia Silverstone looked in the movie ‘Clueless’ as Cher, wearing her yellow Chanel suit, Mary Jane’s and over-the-knee stockings walking down her high-school hallway. My heart swoons.


The best way to go about picking your favorite cinema and fashion moment to replicate. Is…to start by looking in your closet to look for inspiration. I know you have some items in there just waiting for a moment like this. Next think hair, which might mean you’ll have to get a wig. Your hair and how you style it will really help the look come together. Also, thifting will most definitely be your friend especially if you are picking a look from 1980’s or older.




Check out some more inspiration below:




The Breakfast Club
The Breakfast Club


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