Food Review: Brunch at BrickTop’s


Upon arriving to Bricktop’s in Buckhead I wasn’t aware of a place that sold brunch so relatively close to my place of employment, so immediately I was intrigued to try this place out with a few of my co-workers for a work brunch.

Once I entered the establishment I felt the calm and soothing atmosphere it provided to their guests. The lighting was dim yet bright enough to prepare you for an upscale afternoon filled with mimosas, waffles, and deviled eggs.

As I looked around Bricktop’s while waiting to be seated I noticed a diverse array of people the company serves. Once my party and I were seated I looked over the menu, which honestly made me want to devour just about everything they had to offer! The eggs benedict, Ahi Tuna Burger, and Smoked Scottish Salmon were just a few items that caught my eye but ultimately I settled for a southern classic, Chicken & Waffles with a traditional mimosa, perfect for a brunch meal.

As my party and I conversed, our waitress was most attentive, checking up on our table to make sure that we had everything we needed. My editor-in-chief ordered the deviled eggs and millionaire’s bacon, a Bricktop’s specialty, and although I didn’t try the deviled eggs – which I must say looked amazing – I did try the millionaire’s bacon, one word: divine! The bacon, which I can tell why it called ‘Millionaire’s’, was delectable, rich, succulent, and something totally different from what I was used to when it came to eating bacon. The honey flavor made for a nice appetizer dish to get you ready for the entrée.



When my chicken and waffles arrived I was very excited. The plate looked like a picture – golden brown waffle with four chicken tender strips and two slices of bacon and a decorative syrup serving dish on the side; and just as amazing as it looked the taste of the dish was all that and more! The waffle was fluffy and cooked to perfection. The chicken tenders were juicy and the bacon had just the right amount of crunch, not overly cooked, just right.


I must say the dining experience at Bricktop’s was one that was different than what I am normally used to. It’s rare to find a restaurant that has a great atmosphere, great service, good drinks, and reasonably priced food that is better than you would expect. Bricktop’s is now one of my favorite brunch spots in Atlanta and I look forward to dining in again very soon, and the next time I visit Bricktop’s I WILL try the shrimp and grits, I must say it looked incredible on my co-workers plate!

Thank you Bricktop’s staff and chefs for a magnificent dining experience, it is something that I will share with all of my friends and family as a top must try restaurant!

Check out Bricktop’s website here!

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