Four Reasons To Listen To Charles Perry Latest EP

Charles Perry gives us a taste of his latest soulful yet funky EP, The Soul Superhero. Perry has created a unique lane for himself where he can switch between Pop, Soul, and Funk at any moment and still create a beautiful harmonized sound. The new EP features five tracks – “Apologize,” “Panty Drop,” “Last Call,” “What I’m Looking For,” and “Stranger To Love.” In Perry’s case less is definitely more, each piece was delicately crafted with the production help from Freddy Wexler to portray his love for music.

If this isn’t enough to convince you, here are four reasons why you should be listening to The Soul Superhero.

Charles Perry is a great storyteller
Perry informs fans about the dangers of being too careful in life and ending up being alone in the end.

To switch gears, Perry unveils his urges about going all the way
In a lively funky tune, Panty Drop,” he illustrates a woman he is infatuated with and encourages you to dance your panties off.

Perry will uplift your soul
In “Last Call” Perry tells his listeners regardless of what you’re going through everything is going to be alright.

This EP represents a musical shift
Perry reveals he’s now where he wants to be sonically as an artist.

Krissy Lewis

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