From “Incredible” to “Totally Awesome!” Marvel Comics introduces a New Hulk!

Marvel has been making some serious changes this year with its most popular heroes. Spider-Man, Wolverine, Captain America, Thor, and Captain Marvel have all undergone a racial or gender change, allowing the introduction of old characters in new roles (X-23 as Wolverine, Falcon as Captain America, and Jane Foster as Thor) and new characters in familiar roles (Kamala Khan as Ms. Marvel and Miles Morales as Spider-Man). Now another hero is getting a makeover–a racial one. Meet your new “Totally Awesome” and Asian Hulk!

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The new Hulk is already a character beloved by millions of fanboys and fangirls worldwide, Amadeus Cho. Amadeus is a genius and ranked as the eighth smartest person on the planet behind heavyweight heroes like Iron Man, Black Panther, Mr. Fantastic, and Hank Pym. However, now his brawn is matching his brain and he is bringing a much needed revamp to one of the world’s most famous superheroes. Cho has been in comics for years now, mostly serving as a sidekick to super strong heroes like the original Hulk and Hercules, and even a champion for Olympian goddess, Athena. Now somehow, Cho is the new Hulk and Bruce Banner is human once more. The details on what has happened to Banner will be revealed in the first issue, but Marvel assures us he is alive as well. They also let us know Amadeus will a Hulk we have never seen before and to put our notions of who the Hulk is out of our minds.

This is an awesome move for diversity on the company’s behalf. Most male Asian heroes are martial artist or powerless in some way. An Asian Hulk definitely defies that stereotype. You can catch the new Hulk in his first issue this December!

hulk amadeus cho hey mikey atl

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