The Haves & The Have Nots- “A Southern Brawl”

The Haves & The Have Nots began with a brawl! Veronica continues to wail on Maggie despite David trying to hold her back. When she finally relents he pulls her back into his room and tries to tell her he did not have sex with Maggie. She refuses to believe him. Hotel security comes to investigate the calamity from the room, but Veronica convinces them into believing the loud noises were from she and David in the throws of passion. When they leave, and tiring of games, he insists on coming home, but she dares/threatens him into not doing so. Back in War’s basement, Jim continues to reel from Candice’s minions being on him and taped. She demands he sign over millions of dollars to her, but he refuses citing a gift tax he would have to also fork over. She demands even more money and decides to torture him by electrocuting him!



Michael finally awakes and comes on to Hanna. They almost have sex, but she narrowly resists him, wanting to live a Christian life. Celine arrives to work and finds Wyatt has been drinking and asleep on the sofa in Jim’s study. She warns him his father will be furious, but he brushes her off and reveals he knows about their affair and his brother. He then comes onto her, throwing her on the sofa, but she rebuffs his advances and reminds him of his pitfalls. He tells her about Candice and his father, infuriating her. Benny goes to Jeffrey’s apartment to find Candice. Jeffrey greets him with a kiss, assuming he is a gift from Candice. The former chokes him against the door and demands to know where Candice is. Once he learns he is Candice’s brother, he calls Candice for him. Benny admonishes her sneaking out, but she promises him she will be fine.


The next morning, Veronica goes to visit Jeffrey, she visibly distraught. He tries to comfort her, but she blames him for her marital problems. Candice returns to Jeffrey’s apartment while she is there and the two quickly begin to argue. Veronica reminds her of her low class status, while she reminds her she can have anything she has even without all her accolades. Veronica demands Jeffrey put her out and mentions the car. Candice refuses to leave and tries to figure out what Veronica has on Jeffrey. Veronica, instead, decides to leave. Outside, she calls Quincy and tells him where Candice is and orders him to rough Jeffrey up.


Veronica Harrington must be stopped! I’m not sure who’s worst; her or Empire’s Lucious Lyon. Homophobia is never a good look for anyone. Wyatt let Celine in on a secret, and I get the feeling Jim’s woman problem’s are only going to get worst.! Until next week….



Hey Mikey!

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