How to Get Beyonce’s Met Gala Body

Beyoncé reigned supreme as she graced the Met Gala with a very late arrival.

The crowd was stunned by her custom Givenchy gown created by designer and friend Riccardo Tisci.beyonce-met-gala-2015

The dress was not the only thing turning heads, but the pop diva’s frame was jaw dropping.

Her personal trainer revealed how the Queen achieved her Met Gala body.

Marco Borge, Beyoncé’s trainer and CEO of 22 Days Nutrition said she did his revolution plan to get her body to another level.

The plan consists of a vegan diet, and E reports the trainer says sleep improves as the skin clears up. Bey’s skin glowed at the Met Gala and she was still sporting that glow the morning after.

Beyoncé effortlessly flaunted her slimmer hourglass figure like no one was watching.

The gown was completely sheer and studded with multi-colored gems and rhinestone that were strategically placed to display the singer’s flawless curves.

Screen Shot 2015-05-07 at 1.09.35 AMBeyoncé rocked the bedazzled garment with a playfully high-ponytail and dangling-earrings. The look was a mix of Coming to America’s Imani Izzi and I dream of Jeanie’s Jeanie.

Coming to America actress Vanessa B. Calloway (Imani Izzi) reposted a cute meme of the comparison made about Bey’s dress and her dress from the Eddie Murphy film nearly 30 years ago.