If Loving You Is Wrong- “Marcie and Brad”

If Loving You Is Wrong begins with a cat fight as Marcie confronts Alex! Alex tries to leave her backyard but she continues to block her and then slaps her! Alex tries to apologize, but Marcie refuses to hear her and demands she get away from her home. Randal then follows Marcie into the house, there she asks him why he cheated on her and why he did so with Alex of all women. He tells her he loves her and is sorry for hurting her. She reminds him she can easily get another man, but never did because they were married and she loved him. She then hands him divorce papers to sign. He refuses. She berates him for not complying and then demands he recite his marriage vows to her. He says them all and ends them with a vow before God and His angels. Since he has lied to God, she finds it easy to believe he would lie to her and promises he will suffer.



Joey gets his siblings read for school while Natalie and Lushion have a talk. He hands over his whole first check to her. She refuses it at first, until he tells her he can take care of all his other obligations with his next check. She is thankful for him and the job and asks him to move in with her. He is reluctant at first, but realizes she likes waking up to him–and spooning–in the morning. He still is haunted about everything going on with Edward at work. Alex prepares breakfast for her kids. Her son asks about Brad’s whereabouts and his baseball glove. Brad surprises them by coming home and seeing them off to school. His daughter asks him if he and Alex are fighting because he is always gone and looks unhappy. He tells her he is fine, but will be away because he is working so much. Alex tries to talk to him when they leave and find out where he has been staying, but he gives her the silent treatment and leaves. Esperanza and Lushion find Randal with one of his lawyer friends talking with the captain, Edward is immediately alarmed and tries to get Lushion on his side. He refuses and tells Edward to turn himself in.


Edward demands Lushion go on a ride with him, but will not tell him where to. Lushion is reluctant when they pull up to Randal’s home. There, Edward makes him stand watch while he goes into the house and through Randal’s files. He finds Marcie in the tub and looks at her while she relaxes. Randal returns home and finds Lushion there. He asks him to help him stop Edward. Lushion promises Randal he is working on something to stop Edward, but needs time. Randal realized Edward is in his house and searches for him, only to find the policemen pulling off. He immediately calls one of his lawyer contacts for help, but the convo is cut short when Marcie comes downstairs in a revealing outfit. She tells him she is going out to cheat on him and then tells him about her exes. He refuses to let her leave, but she does so anyway much to his dismay. She stops by Kelly’s house to get her to come out with her, but the latter convinces her to stay in.  At The Burger Joint, Joey tells Natalie he has a new job, but it it is a scam. Kelly and Marcie arrive to have ice cream with her. There, Joey and Marcie flirt with each other, but Natalie says he is off limits. Esperanza arrives and tells them she is worried that Edward and Lushion are up to something concerning Randal. Marcie decides to leave and find out what is going on.

Marcie goes to see Brad to check on him. They both share how terrible the affair has made them feel and affected them. Marcie tells Brad she wants to have sex with him and he quickly complies. They have sex right in his office on the desk!

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