Jason C. Peters’ “Pop-Up” Fashion Show Exemplifies a New Culture in Atlanta

When one thinks of a fashion show, the images that come to mind include a runway, organized chairs facing the runway, and maybe a platform stage for a host or performers.

This vision was not the case for the Jason C. Peters Fashion Show this past Saturday in Atlanta.

The venue for the fashion show was small, “pop up” actually, with the audience standing, and in close proximity to each other. Everyone was definitely invading someone’s personal bubble. The room was filled with faces that were unsure of what to expect from such a small venue with limited space. What could become of a show that did not possess what one would expect from a professional fashion show?

jaqour amani jason c. peters hey mikey atljaqour amani jason c. peters hey mikey atl.005jaqour amani jason c. peters hey mikey atl

jaqour amani jason c. peters hey mikey atl

A wise person once told me, “less is more.”

This understanding certainly came into play when the show began.

Each model walked out of a corner dressing room with the background sounds of artists such as, Justin Bieber, Big Sean, and Bryson Tiller. With fire in their eyes, and a slow and steady sway; the models walked in a large, open square, staring the viewing audience. Snapchat, Periscope, and cameras began to roll as the audience examined the items presented to them. After a silent interaction with the audience, the model stood on a small, square platform and posed for cameras. We particularly loved how the lingerie truly encompassed the essence of Spring with vibrant colors, flowing dresses, and flowery adornments.

The event was personal. People had the opportunity to interact with others in the audience and comment on what was present before them.

The creativity of the show and the other clothing items presented is the prime representation of an ideology that I call, “domineerism.”

   jaqour amani jason c. peters hey mikey atljaqour amani jason c. peters hey mikey atl

Allow me to expand upon this new cultural way of fashion. Domineerism comes from the word dominate( to reign over all persons, things, and objects… aka. the king of the jungle). -Ism is a suffix that is usually used to describe ideologies. The Webster Dictionary defines “-ism” as,

a belief, attitude, style, etc., that is referred to by a word that ends in the suffix -ism.

A number of the pieces in the show embodied this notion with their powerful statement, demanding presence, and the unadulterated admiration they garnered from every pair of eyes in the room.

jason c. peters hey mikey atl
Jason C. Peters, Designer; follow him @JasonCPeters on Twitter/IG

 Jason C. Peters is the prime example of this ideology. He represents a generation that hunts for what they desire. They will reach their goals by any means necissary. They will hone their craft and dominate. Jason C. Peters fashion line represents a culture that eat, sleeps, and breathes power.

On Saturday, I saw models that were charged with the energy of what  they were representing. The Jason C. Peters Spring Collection is sealed for mountain climbers and hunters in the wild, aka. the dominating generation!



JaQourAmani: Photos

Tony_Stylez: Make Up

Pierre Morestyling: Wig Stylist

Joscynthiam: Hair Stylist

Viva la fashion,

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