Kanye West & Kim Kardashian West are the New Faces for Balmain 2015

So, I don’t know about you guys, but this latest fashion news does not surprise me…at all.  You know how we have been watching Kanye and Kim walking around the states and Paris drenched in Balmain from head to toe, well that was definitely a money move and I ain’t mad at it.

This will be Kim Kardashian’s first high-fashion campaign alongside her hubby for Balmain’s menswear line.  Kanye and Kim have definitely had their eyes set on being the “it” couple of the fashion world, and they seem to be well on their way in accomplishing this goal.  With features in various fashion mags, fashion spreads, and gracing one of the most coveted covers, Vogue, this Balmain campaign may be the staple that the couple needed.

Overall, I like the photos and Kim and Kanye look gorgeous (yeah, I said it!).  I’ve always adored Kanye’s take on men’s fashion and can take Kim’s fashion sense when the fit of her outfit compliments her shape of which she always gets right when she is wearing Balmain.  This campaign is definitely a match made in heaven for all involved.

Check out the flicks below!








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