Karla Mosley–Bold, Beautiful, & On The Right Side of Equality!

Karla Mosley is no stranger to our TV screens whether she is in front of the camera or behind it. She has been on The CW’s Hart of Dixie as well as Guiding Light. She is one even young children will recognize, having starred on the Emmy-nominated children’s show Hi-5. She has also done some writing and producing as well. Currently she can be found tearing up the catwalk on Bold and the Beautiful as supermodel, and transgender woman, Maya Avant. The storyline for Karla’s character on Bold and the Beautiful is one that was not expected. Nevertheless as a natural born woman Karla is telling this story as if it were her own and helping to bridge a gap that many public transgender figures such as Chaz Bono, Laverne Cox, and Caitlyn Jenner have been working to bridge through their own true-life stories. “I was so excited when I first read the script but wondered should I be the one telling this story. Overall I was happy that we were going to tell it and wanted to make sure that we told it right. I also wanted to make sure we had transgender actors supporting the story line. “ Said Karla.

Not only did transgender actors support by watching the show and through statements on social media but America’s Next Top Model fan favorite Isis King and RuPaul’s Drag Race contestant, Carmen Carrera ,walked in the California Freedom Fashion Show as friends of Maya Avant. Having them on the show shows how the LGBT community is in support of this role and of the show and what they are trying to help achieve within society. “The LGBT community has been extremely supportive. People are seeing their story on TV or a story very similar to theirs. People love the fact that Rick and Maya are staying together. People say that’s not realistic or that would never really happen but in this situation we can say it does happen and that it happens everyday.”

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It is roles like this one that shows how the entertainment industry is moving into a more equal opportunity industry. Not to say that any African American or any transgender can walk into an office and get any role but saying that there are more roles and opportunities are being created for them. “We can look at Misty Copeland becoming the first African American woman to be promoted to principal dancer for ABT. People are beginning to understand that diversity helps everyone. It enriches our creative thinking our marketing, and the more people you have with various life experiences the broader your scope is. As a businessperson it’s a smart decision. “ Commented Karla.

The Maya Avant storyline is one that no one other than Karla could fulfill. She fits this character perfectly and although no actor is ever just like their character there will always be similarities. “Maya is very headstrong, and fights for what she wants and I am like that too. If I set out to do something and say I’m going to do it then you know I’m going do it. “ Explains Karla. Even with the similarities come the differences especially when it comes to style. While Maya is this supermodel extraordinaire, Karla is more laid back. “My style is super chill and all about comfort. If I dress up I want to be comfortable. If I go out I want to be able dance all night long. “ Karla Mosley is not only playing this part as if it were her own story but she has also does a lot of social justice work. She was involved in helping make marriage equality happen. Karla has definitely embraced this role and has used her celebrity in the advancement of equality.

Written By: Shawn Michael

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