Keyshia Cole to Remain A Free Woman


Keyshia Cole will remain a free woman as she reportedly will not get any jail time. Her lawyer was able to successfully argue that a warrant served ten years ago shouldn’t put the singer behind bars.

According to TMZ:

It’s a bizarre story … back in 2002 Keyshia got a DUI. She was placed on probation and was required to attend an alcohol ed course. The court records do not show proof of completion so the judge issued a bench warrant.

But Holley told the judge Keyshia completed the program and her former lawyer just screwed up by failing to inform the court. Holley explained the alcohol ed program — which no longer has the old records — must have notified the DMV, because Keyshia has gotten 2 drivers licenses since then.

Holley persuaded the judge so the warrant was recalled and probation was terminated — yes, Keyshia was unwittingly on probation for the DUI for more than a dozen years.

How all of this came about was when Keyshia was arrested last September after allegedly assaulting a woman at her former boo, Birdman’s, West L.A. home. The arrest sparked the warrant, but since the assault charges were dropped and now so is the 10 year warrant issue, Keyshia is free woman.

Keyshia already has a lot going on in her life between the constant bickering with ex, Daniel, being a mom, and balancing her career that includes music and a TV show, so I’m glad to see jail time won’t be added to the plate.


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