Kontrol Homme Report: Déjà Vu? Moschino SS14

written by: Jovel Roystan, Men’s Fashion Writer

This season, there are a few trends that are clearly taking over and defining the season: athletic-wear, print-blocking, and black & white are a few major examples. While these three are actually some of my favorite trends and I’m glad that they’re getting their time to shine, when does it become too much?

It feels like I’m experiencing flashbacks when I see some of these new collections. Take a look below at a few pieces from Moschino SS14. Do they look familiar? They should. I posted shots from Givenchy’s Men’s Resort 2014 collection a few weeks back and it’s total déjà vu (they even used the same model; look at the left and center pics above). Not to mention how all the nature prints are a little reminiscent of the Calvin Klein SS14 pieces I posted last month. Now, I DO think the print-blocking details look great, but is there only so much that can be done with this season’s key trends or what? I don’t believe that’s the case, but I’m not understanding why so many pieces this season are looking alike. Just an observation. I’ll continue taking notes and keep you guys posted on my callouts.