*Kontrol Insider* Leather is a MUST, Especially If It’s Blue

Wow. The first month of 2016 is almost over and in less than 30 days I have been happier and busier than ever.  I aIMG_3905m so high on life at this point that literally nothing can get me down, even on my worst days.  Well, except for maybe this winter weather.  I can’t believe how it went from random 70 degree days to cloudy with freezing rain and sleet.  Now, its the type of weather where you really don’t even care if you’re dressed super cute.  The goal now is to dress warm, handle your business, and stay inside…unless you’re going shopping and find the perfect skirt that can change your mood, which is exactly what happened here.

This is officially leather weather.  Just like fur, leather is a wardrobe must during the colder months of the year.  It is by far one of the most versatile materials and pairs great with various other textures and pieces.  Personally, I like to stock up.  Have different things like leather leggings, a pencil skirt, moto style jacket, boots, the list goes on.  Black leather in particular is of course the go-to and most common as it really goes with everything and can be easily mixed and matched but if and when you do find more leather (like navy), grab it!

I found this while I did some cold weather shopping at the Shun Melson Fashion Pop Up Shop and discovered what is now one of my top go-to online boutiques, High Maintenance Boutique.  Navy in general is hard to find when it comes to staple pieces.  Sweaters and pants are easy but shoIMG_3913es and leather…you will really have to do some digging or pay some money.  This skirt though didn’t require me to do either.  I saw it, wanted it, got it and just like that, my winter frown was turned upside down (corny I know lol but true).

This skirt is almost just as versatile as a black one.  It fits true to size and is very comfortable.  It hits right at the hip to accentuate any waist line and can go with almost any other solid color or cohesive print.  Because of its hue, it is also a piece that you can wear into the early weeks of spring as well.  It goes great with heels, booties, or boots as it hits right at the knee.  In this look I chose the classic pointed toe pump and kept it solid but please know you will see it again in a whole new combo of colors.  Long story short, leather is life right now and this blue midi will definitely be in my winter wardrobe for the next few years to come.

-xoxo Chloe


Other outfit details:

  • Top (which is actually a dress) – Vivi Boutique
  • Blazer/Necklace – Forever 21
  • Shoes – Lola Shoetique

P.S. Did I mention you can get 10% off??  Visit http://www.highmaintenancelife.com/ and use the code THECHLOEBRAND for 10% off your purchase.  Follow them on Instagram @highmaintenancelife.

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