riri1Luxe Silk EVERYTHING is now becoming the new wave. Fashion-forward celebrities such as Rihanna, Beyonce, Rita Ora and Kylie Jenner have been seen in this style over the summer. Of course, New York Fashion Week which was one unforgettable moment this September, couldn’t rip the runway unless they featured this style. Especially when it was a time were all fashionistas, designers, and stylists got to see what’s next for the new season. The Luxe Silk Bra Tops trend was featured by many designers. All designers matched the trend in edgy ways with tailored blazer jackets, suit jackets, bomber jackets, and even trench coats. Designers such as Philip Lim, Victoria Beckham, and Alexander Wang have been highlighted for the way they revealed their style of the new trend.

luxe silk bra

Many designers this season took the concept of silk bralettes and created their own unique twist. Alexander Wang who is known for his urban designs Alexander Wang brought us a lace-trimmed bra down the runway, in conjunction with a bold tuxedo jacket. Victoria Beckham the fashion designer and singer chiefly known for her work with the Spice Girls and for being the wife of soccer star David Beckham presented a crushed-silk version with identical trousers.  Phillip Lim fashion designer and owner of Lim’s fashion label paired a silk bra with a Western-inspired embroidered jacket.

silk1 silkNot only have luxe silk bra tops took over the season but also silk mini dresses. Our celebrity favorites and fashion showstoppers Kylie Jenner and Rihanna have been spotted in these styles recently. We are feeling these looks and different twist they put on the fabric. Rihanna matched her’s with a mink and Keeping Up with the Kardashian’s Kylie matched her’s with a gorgeous beaded belt. Silk may be the new denim for the year! Watch out for best trends every Tuesday on the TRENDREPORT!

Written by @leahgordone

Photos by @rihanna @kyliejenner @gettysimage

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