#Kontrolyourseason with the Fall 2014 Michael Kors Collection!

Michael Kors has made the fashion world proud with his amazing Fall 2014 collection. From the shoes, clothes, accessories, and not to mention killer scents, Michael remains on top with his classic American touch. Throughout the collection Michael pays homeage to the great wonders of the United States with cool camos, breezy boho pieces, and way out west inspired gear. He hit the jackpot when developing this collection in my opinion. There is even something in the collection if you are feeling luxurious and daring. Statment furs pop up and Michael knows best when it deals with the furrier side of things.

Michael Kors2

The orginal lunch date with friends is transformed into delightful moments with the pairing of standard gold and the darkeness of black. Studs, quilted posh leather, and our favorite punk chic reveals itself and proves that Michael is capable of keeping the standard American look alive. In the words of Michael Kors “With the crispness of Fall comes a sense of change, and with it, the opportunity to mix up your look. This season, it’s all aobut taking the natural beauty of the country to the city–be it a cozy sweater, rugged glam boots or the softest suede. From big sur to the the big city anything goes, let the fringe fly“. The words Michael decided to use to exude his 2014 Fall collection is living testimony of what this season has to come. This is his Fall 2014 image and Michael does a great job creating this masterpiece. Keep painting Michael, the world is in love with your portraits.

Michael Kors1

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