Leaked! Pieces from Balmain x H&M Collaboration

Hopefully you are just like me and are anxiously waiting for November 5th? That is the glorious day that Balmain and H&M debuts their collaboration that will be available in select store locations and online. I plan to be in front of the Michigan Avenue H&M store early and excited to get my hands on some of the collection.


An equally as eager woman by the name of Kathyrn Swartz Ree was able to find pictures of the collection before it was released to the public for viewing on Oct. 19th. Apparently, she was able to piece together the proper search terms in Google in order to access the inactive pages on the H&M site. After finding the pictures she promptly uploaded 99 collection pieces to her Instagram on Oct 6th. Needless to say within a couple days, Instagram also promptly disabled her instagram. Luckily though, some of the pictures are still floating around on social media on new Instagram @balmainxhm.


It seems as though H&M was not too worried about the release of the images. As they had this to say,

“Images from our Balmain x H&M collaboration have surfaced. We are pleasantly surprised by our fans positive reaction to the collection.”



For now, I am going to reserve most of my commentary only to say this collaboration stays true to the Balmain brand while keeping within the H&M philosophy of  “fashion and quality at the best price”.

Check below for some of the pieces!


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