Lil Wayne Allegedly Drops $51 Million Dollar Lawsuit Against Birdman


Well, if the reports are true then perhaps family is thicker than problems…

Most of us may have experienced working alongside people outside of our families for years. In those years, a solid foundation is formed however; it shouldn’t dictate mishaps or problems along the way.

With any relationship we have, it’s not about the “problem” per say but yet, how we utilize conflict-resolution skills in order to format peaceful solutions.

Take Birdman and Lil Wayne

According to, the alleged feud between Birdman and Lil Wayne may be seeing signs of peace. Wayne’s $51 million dollar lawsuit has been dropped against the Cash Money CEO.

Here’s a recap — Lil Wayne and Tyga both expressed their frustrations over the label regarding the release of their respective albums last year. Wayne ended up filing a lawsuit earlier this year in January against Birdman for $8 million dollars. Allegedly, Birdman failed to compensate Wayne for his own earnings. Supposedly, by Birdman withholding the “The Carter V,” it went against contractual obligations for the album; it still has yet to be released.

Now Wayne did ask a judge to let him be released from his contract because the label was in breach of contract. He then filed the lawsuit given the damages and monies he was due; he also wanted the copyrights for Young Money artists such as Drake, Chanel West Coast, Nicki Minaj and more.

Reportedly, Wayne would’ve been willing to drop the lawsuit, quicker than a scorned woman leaking a man’s nude pics, if Birdman provided the money. That included the $8 million and $2 million that Wayne was supposed to be rewarded for the album’s completion.

In a turn of events, Wayne motioned for a dismissal of the case “without prejudice.” Legal meaning – if a case is dismissed under this guise, “rights and privileges” involved in the case are considered to be a “loss” or “waived.” Wayne could still revisit the case by filing again. However, hopefully a conversation cured the problem.

While it may be easier said than done, many things in life can be solved if and when both parties are willing to converse with hopes of resolving. We can’t force others to “hear” us when we think, but over time if our maturity can outweigh our disappointment, there’s nothing we can’t solve through proper dialogue.

Silence isn’t always a “golden” policy to practice when communication can be a solvent and a healer.

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