Make It Happen Marvel! Yara Shahidi a Superhero!?

Marvel Studios continues to reign supreme in the superhero genre. The recent flops of The Amazing Spider-Man with Sony and The Fantastic Four with Fox only solidify that fact. Marvel movies capture action, wit, and realism making their films something fans can fantasize about and relate to simultaneously. Thus it is no surprise that over the next Marvel Studious will be cranking out over a dozen of them. Superheroes like Dr. Strange, Black Panther, The Inhumans, and Captain Marvel are all making their cinematic debut! This means we are in store for some major casting news in the not too distant future. One huge casting rumor is black-ish’s Yara Shahidi in the role of “Ms. Marvel.”

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Captain Marvel

Kamala Khan as
Kamala Khan as “Ms. Marvel”

The role of Ms. Marvel is traditionally reserved for Carol Danvers who is a tall, statuesque, and athletic Caucasian woman in her early thirties. The character began as a supporting character for the alien hero Captain Marvel, taking the name Ms. Marvel. In modern times, following Captain Marvel’s death, she took on his name. Coincidentally, a young Middle Eastern girl, Kamala Khan, has taken over the mantle of Ms. Marvel. Kamala possesses shapeshifting powers and a healing factor. With her powers she defends her town from all manner of crime. Enter Yara! This the character she is rumored to be playing. Honestly, it would be an awesome casting choice! First, Yara is an amazing actress; and second she is half-Iranian making her an truer to the character’s roots. Rumor has it Yara, as Kamala, could be making an appearance in 2018’s Captain Marvel movie. It is believed she will assist the titular hero in saving the world, but assume costume until possibly a sequel to the film (Marvel is so sure this film will be a hit, lol).

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In an interview with Kontrol Magazine, Yara admits to be a true fangirl but disavows any knowledge of being cast for the coveted role. “I’m a huge Marvel fan! Coincidentally I have been like lobbying at the studio for like something! I would love to be her [Kamala]! We have got to make that happen.” We are definitely rooting for you to get this role Yara. A new twist on a fan favorite hero would be awesome!

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