Meet Cellphone Repair Expert: Ronald Amsterdam

Americans throw away thousands of dollars on cell phones each year. Many of us, have a couple of old cell phones  just laying around our homes, not in use.Some people find it complete waste of time in trying to figure out the  problems that are going on within their phones, so instead they support a wasteful habit by getting a new phone.A way we can break from this bad habit is getting it repaired.

Cell phone repair specialist Ronald Amsterdam, saw this to be an issue and decided to make repairing cell phones into a business. Amsterdam, started this business 8 years ago, after figuring out the need of cellphone repair services. Since smart phones have been on the market for years, Amsterdam and his team have taken the time out to learn how to mend cell phones internally and externally. This led to Amsterdam in to opening his own store, called ‘Cell Phone Repair Experts’.

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As of right now, Amsterdam only has one store location in Marietta, Georgia but is seeking to expand in the future. His store, specializes in repairing cell phones screens and internal problems going on with in the phone. The store’s technicians are also experts at repairing tablets and i Pad’s as well.
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Amsterdam believes his store, differs from others because of their low prices, and they have became guru’s on fixing hand held devices.  Before letting go of your favorite technology, it might be best to have the “Cell phone Repair Experts” check out. It may save you a lot of restraint and a bundle of money.

Address: 2100 Roswell Rd #2160, Marietta, GA 30062
Phone:(678) 498-8470

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