Naomi Campbell Fronts Balmain Spring/Summer 2016



Naomi Campbell Fronts Balmain Spring/Summer 2016

Balmain’s marketing strategy has been on top!  Do you remember last year when Balmain picked up Kendall and Kylie Jenner as their campaign front?  Well, the Balmain brand has done it again!  Stepping up their marketing initiative this year, the powerhouse army has chosen SUPERMODEL Naomi Campbell as one of their Spring/Summer 2016 lead models.  Just when you thought the new generation of models were dominating the game, here comes the well trained, experienced, seasoned, ageless, shall I continue…all time classic beauty, none other than Naomi Campbell, showing us how modeling is done!  As you will see…SHE DID That (with neck moving from right to left, lips pouted, and hands on my hips to give you imagery and accentuate the comment I just made)!


Furthermore, the campaign was so effective that I had to check out Balmain’s website to see the new arrivals.  Let me just tell you personally, I’m a huge fan of their line.  The looks are ready to wear.  There are some dresses that are super “HIGH FASHION,” but for the most part, they’re ready to rock!  I’ve also included a few photos of Balmain’s new arrivals for you to check out.  Take notice of the neutral hues and the tiger print style that are about to trend!

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