[New Music]: Ne-Yo ‘She Knows’ Remix Ft. Trey Songz, T-Pain & The-Dream


Ne-Yo, T-Pain, The-Dream and Trigga Trey gettin’ together like an episode of “Super Friends” just without the wonder twin power…

Originally, Ne-Yo’s stripper appreciation song “She Knows” featured producer/rapper Juicy J. However, Ne-Yo teamed up with Trey Songz, The-Dream and T-Pain for the “this is the remix” version.

Listening to the song, Songz sounds more like a “lead” sort-to-speak on this track. His upward transition at the 1:32 mark made his voice stand out vocally despite Ne-Yo’s verse. Songz’s verse is nothing short than his usual sexed up motif.

The-Dream has always had a great eye for production and his voice on this remix takes it straight to the clubs without all of the annoyance of a repetitive voice.

T-Pain’s appearance adds a great dynamic to the song by breaking up the traditional routes of the singing parts. Overall, it’s not overly cluttered and –dare we say—a little better than the original version.

With lyrics like:

Body like drugs and I need another dose

Baby putting on a show

Don’t matter how much she do, I want some more

She got class with that ass when she hit the floor

Press play below:


Review: Again, the song is a great addition to Ne-Yo’s singles of choice off his sixth studio album, “Non Fiction.” It’s available now in stores and on iTunes.

Ne-Yo fans can also check out “Make It Easy” which is another solid track released from the album. According to the Singers Room, Ne-Yo’s estimated album sales may range from 30-35,000 copies in its first week.

If the predictions are somewhat close, “Non-Fiction” will be Ne-Yo’s lowest selling album to date. “R.E.D.” released back in 2012 “failed to give him the platinum plaques he accumulated on his first-three studio albums.

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