Nicki Minaj and Meek Mill Cozying Up

More fuel is added and the trailblazer of fire is roaring! The rumors are teasing us! Are Nicki Minaj and Meek Mill dating?? Another piece of evidence arose on the web last weekend with Nicki and Meek Mill getting close at an after party on Friday night. Neither of the two has come out to deny nor confirm any of these rumors. They are just helping us believe that our assumptions are valid!


The two were together at the after party for Wale’s “Simply Nothing” tour Philly stop. In the photo above, Nicki and Meek are with Wale, Rick Ross, and his boo Ming Lee close and happy on a couch. Where are Nicki’s Cash Money family?? Nicki is just hanging with the Maybach crew?? Is it safe to believe that Nicki was Meek’s date? I’m probably reaching too far but, that makes it all the more entertaining!

Why must they toy with our emotions? We want some answers! Until then, we may continue to come up with a name for the couple. How about Meeki? Omeeka? Hmm…

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Comment below and tell me what you think? Let’s make it fun, come up with a name for the rumored couple in your comments as well!

Sarai Thompson

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