Pharrell is Honored at The Council of Fashion Designers of America Awards

With the fashion accomplishments and statements that Pharrell made these past few years; it is no surprise that he won the Fashion Icon award. This artist defied odds with his fashion choices and even received some ridicule. However, his efforts with his fashion choices through the years and the campaigns we are blessed to see in the fashion world did not go unnoticed yesterday at The Council of Fashion Designers of America awards.


Thank you @CDFA for the award and my brother @KanyeWest for the inspring introduction. I’m truely honored #CDFAAwards

Pharrell had an excellent introduction by Kanye West who called him his “style idol.” In a way that only Kanye can do, he began to talk about the difficulties of making it in the fashion world as a rapper. Kanye’s speech was heartfelt and showed us all how Pharrell has influenced us with his fashion expressions.

There would be no me, no A$AP without Pharrell.

Kanye said as he passionate closed off his speech. I must say I was quite proud.


Pharrell then graced the stage and told the crowd about his story. He touched hearts with his words. Pharrell spoke about the ladder he climbed to be where he is today. I must say that his story was inspiring. He is truly an inspiration.

Viva la fashion.


Sarai Thompson

What do you get when you mix youth, fashion, and enthusiasm into one? You get Sarai Thompson! I'm a Senior at Georgia State University ambitious and goal driven. I am a first generation Jamaican American, born in Boston, and Atlanta is my playground.

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