Phoenix Rising: The return of JoJo!

In the words of our dear friend and former cover star, Michelle Williams, “When Jesus says yes, nobody can say no!” Well the Good “Lawd” has spoken and JoJo has returned to music! Miraculous: that’s the only thing that can be said about the highly anticipated, long waited, and fated triumphant return of vocal Goddess, JoJo. After a grueling years of a legal battle, JoJo returns with not one new song, but three! Defined as a “tringle” (Yes it’s a real word, I checked) JoJo has released three new songs off of her upcoming untitled third album! Many have defended that she has in fact given us music and that she never left the game, but what many fail to understand is that as a SIGNED artist JoJo has not released any OFFICIAL music. Sure us loyal fans remember her recent mix tape hits, such as “Demonstrate” “Disaster” and “Andre,” but the reality is as far as having a great marketing team, a contract, and a superb music video budget, we’re still holding onto “Too Little Too Late.” It’s been a long hard road full of campy “Call me maybes” and horrid gimmicks of Caucasian twerking to distract from lackluster vocal abilities, but alas sorrow don’t last always and JoJo is hear to deliver!


JoJo’s famous tringle  consist of two r&b power ballads “Say Love” and “Save My Soul,” and the dance pop infused track “When Love Hurts.” All tracks are true to the her essence as a soulful musician with range to boot and like fine wine her vocals have only improved over the sound better than ever. Music lovers are always complaining and yearning for that “old school sound” where artist sold music with their souls’ bared and vocals to match their distraught and or elated emotions and JoJo’s tringle oozes nostalgia as her vocal performance reminds you of the days when song lyrics were worth memorizing. These tracks have me so excited for the future of JoJo, and it made the anticipation of her new album even more unbearable! Head on over to YouTube  and grab a listen (love it then buy them on iTunes) then tell me what you think down in the comment section!

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