R. Kelly Being Sued For Canceling Concert

R&B O.G R. Kelly will be seeing a courtroom pretty soon…again. The R&B legend is up for a hefty fine for canceling a concert he was supposed to rock in Dallas, Texas.


Word from our friendly neighbors at TMZ is that a guy named Darryl Austin handed a $100k check to Kelly’s team as a deposit to hold R. Kelly to his commitment for a headlining concert in Dallas in January. But by the end of February, the pantie dropper decided to switch up his serenade.

R. Kelly’s team made claims that they had no idea about the concert in Dallas. Austin was compelled to ask for his deposit back, but all he got was $70K back out of the $100k he spent on the performer.

Now Austin is asking the court to force Kelly and his team for full reimbursement or a performance as promised.

Due to Kelly’s track record, this might not be a bed he wants to climb in right now. We will keep you posted as information becomes available.

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