Rick Ross Granted Bail On Kidnapping and Assault Charges

Looks like Rick Ross is a free man after a judge finally granted him bail during his court hearing Wednesday afternoon.

The Miami rapper, who has a home in Fayetteville County (Evander Holyfield’s estate), was arrested last week on felony charges of kidnapping and assault after allegedly pistol-whipping his groundskeeper and holding him against his will. He was arrested two weeks prior in Fayette County for a misdemeanor marijuana possession.

After being arrested this time for kidnapping and assault, Ross was denied bail by a judge and had to sit in jail for seven days until his July 1 court hearing.

In attempts to be granted bail, Ross and his lawyer sat in front of a judge to plead his case – Ross reportedly has lost out on a lot of money while sitting in jail. The groundskeeper has reportedly sustained injuries so bad that he has to be fed through a straw. Ross’ bodyguard was arrested on charges as well.

After appearing in court, a judge agreed to accept Ross’ Holyfield estate and $1 million in cash for his temporary freedom.

Who knows what will happen with this case later down the line but Ross better pray that he’s granted no jail time for these serious charges.

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