Same Blue Boots Three Classic Styles

Same Blue Boots Three Classic Styles

It’s that time again!  Rosvie Style here to provide you with three style inspirations using one item as the common denominator.   Today’s three outfits will consist of classic solid colors such as grey, black, and cobalt blue.  The materials and textures will vary from leather to lace to cotton.  The tops and bottoms will incorporate future trends like the revealed shoulders, the high collar blouses, and the wrap around skirts.  Moreover, the same cute plaid booties will be the object of our attention.  Check out how you can get three styles using the same booties.



This outfit brings out the edgy style with the leather jacket and the mixed combination of cotton and leather in the pants.  Notice the strings tied like shoe laces on the hips and on the side of the calf of the pants?  These extra details create a homogeneous flow when the same shoe lacing pattern continues through the shoes.  As mentioned, the top reveals the shoulders which is going to be a style that will trend in the Spring 2016.




If you’re a fan of the Victorian era like me, then you will always love lace regardless if it’s trending or not.  Great for us, Victorian style fanatics, leather and lace is going to be in style this Spring 2016.  Add a classic twist to the leather and lace look by wearing ankle booties like the one shown above to give the outfit a ready-to-wear street chic style feel!


Grey is always a safe and cool shade to wear when you’re in the mood to just chill!  The pop of color in the booties is just enough to create interest in the outfit.  Feel free to accessorize this outfit as you see fit!

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