Sleek Style x HorsePower: The 2016 Civic Sedan

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The new 2016 Civic Sedan by Honda is the perfect blend of sleek and sporty. The inspiration for the new Civic addition celebrates their take on advanced, sports-inspired design, embodying the game changing future of the 10th generation Civic. Guy’s I know what you’re thinking, “And what does this have to do with fashion”? Well it seems as though being sleek and sporty is the new trend for this year. Many designers this season are coming out with new collections embracing a more sporty design esthetic hence Louis Vuitton S/S 2016 collection, that even vehicle empires are following the trend as well. Honda is always pushing the envelope with new and innovative vehicles designed to match the perfect customer in mind and by the looks of the new 2016 Civic Sedan this vehicle is specifically designed for the young, suave and trendy professional on the go. With its super sleek appearance and horse power of 158 – 174 along with a 4 cylinder engine. I can’t help but think of polished and sporty bad boy himself michaelbjordan kontrolmagMichael B. Jordan leaving the Golden Globes, hopping into this car on his way out to the bar with his boys, because let’s face it guys your car is the ultimate “accessory” to your overall look. Even looking immaculate in his 3 – piece suit buy Dior and sick watch michaelbjordan kontrolmag1accessory by Piaget pulling it off with ease might I add, Jordan’s style esthetic is very similar to the impressive sleek and contemporary look of the 2016 Civic Sedan. I know what you’re thinking “But how can I achieve the same style at an affordable price”? Coping a similar style to Michael B. Jordan is easily attainable just by simply trying all avenues of trending men’s fashions, from streetwear to dapper gentlemen’s wear keeping a fitted look along with some cool accessories and swagger. Clothing retailers like H&M, TopMan and ASOS specialize in sleek and affordable menswear that’ll keep you looking polished and suave and won’t break your pockets doing so, and then you too will look the part when driving the new Civic Sedan. The 2016 Civic Sedan is the perfect “accessory” to every style savvy guy out there. Taking on an unmistakable and unforgettable impressive look is what summarizes the design of this vehicle and should also summarize your style for this season too. Just a little style rant today guy’s lol, but to have the sporty and sleek appearance of Michael B. Jordan with the car to match definitely check out the 2016 Civic Sedan by Honda and clothing retailers H&M, TopMan and ASOS. – EffYeahMark

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