The List: MTV VMAs Worst Dressed

Okay, I am going to let it all hang out…kinda like Miley, but classier. Why, oh why does everyone have to be naked? I am not against nudity. I believe that the body and any body for that matter is a piece of art. However, when I watch the red carpet I want to see innovation in design, interesting textiles and color. Overall, most of the looks on the VMA red carpet were passable, just okay. Nothing too exciting, basically a lot of stuff that I have already seen a million times over on other red carpets.


The VMAS is a time where you can be fun, young, free and colorful. Everything looked so drab and way too formal for what I believe is the intended vibe of the MTV Video Music Awards. That being said out of my top 4 worst dressed it wasn’t that it was dreadful fashion, rather I feel as though these individuals either were underdressed or weren’t dressed.


  1. Miley- The design itself great, but I am tired of seeing Miley naked.
  2. Miley cyrusPharrell- I love double denim, but this does not feel fresh. It’s drab.
  3. Jenner- I am pretty sure we only need one Balmain Queen. Kylie you are not Kim.
  4. 083015-Getty-VMA-48Kelly Osbourne – Totally feels like an outfit you could find at Ashley Stewart. Not impressed and not flattering for her frame.

Kelly Osbourbe



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