The Men’s Shorts Guide

What woman doesn’t love a man in a nice pair of shorts? This summer is fast approaching, both Memorial Day and Independence Day are hot on our heels and you know what that means right? Cookouts, family trips and or gatherings, reunions, etc. That’s what the summer time is all about and sometimes a hot pair of jeans just isn’t going to do it for you fellas. Sometimes when the sky is out those thighs need to be out. That’s exactly there is a guide for guys and wearing shorts! Men need to know how they should fit, what colors and or patterns are acceptable, and of course what not to do with shorts wearing.


First! How should they fit gentlemen? The days of baggy shorts are long gone unless it’s cargos. Cargos are always a go to for men! As a man you want your shorts to be some what of a slimmer fit without the flare out at the bottom. Not slim enough to keep you from breathing but you shouldn’t have extra fabric just flipping around on you either. If you’re more modest aim for just above the knee. Otherwise you can shoot for a little bit of thigh showing or two inches above the knee. No further either way. Unless you wanna have on daisy Dukes or capris.


Next! Color and pattern acceptability! Colors that guys should be going for this summer include: khaki, stone, navy, light blue, Nantucket red, mint, and white. Some patterns that the gents should be looking at if you want to go that route are: madras, seersucker, and critters.


Last, but certainly not least and most importantly… What not to do with shorts wearing: no baggy, no pleats, no jorts, no skin tight shorts, no super long shorts unless they are cargo length. So fellas take your significant out shopping if you need any help and let this guide be your ace boom this summer!


Tenekeyia Esjuante

Fashion & Beauty Writer

Raised all over the world thanks to the Army, but roots are in Alabama. Had a passion for fashion and writing for as long as can remember. Currently a sophomore attending the Savannah College of Art & Design in Atlanta, GA; majoring in Fashion Marketing & Management/ minoring in Advertising Copywriting.

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