pargo, divorce, bbwla, hornets, malaysia,At about Midnight Saturday morning TMZ reported that VH1 Basketball Wife, Laquisha Pargo, more popularly known as Malaysia, has filed for divorce in the County Superior Court of L.A. The alleged documents detail Malaysia’s desire to have sole custody [physical and legal] of their three children, a 7 year old, and a set of 3 year old twins. The Pargo’s Wed in 2006, and separated only 6 years later according to the VH1 Star. Earlier this year both Malaysia and her “next Ex” subliminally posted toward one another on their social media. Janerro, a player for the Charlotte Hornets, posted a quote from Jay-Z’s “Song Cry” saying, “S*** i got 2 liv wit the fact i did u wrong 4ever”. In the most recent season of BBW L.A., when out to dinner with Draya, Malaysia disclosed that she too had her own run in with infidelity in her relationship, and that because Janerro was the love of her life he was forgiven. Seems like he must have pulled the short end of the stick this time. It is such an unfortunate occurrence to have such a personal matter displayed for the world to see, especially when there are children involved.  While we hope the best for Malaysia and her family, we can’t ignore the fact this is going to make for some juicy drama in the Basketball Wive’s Saga.MALAYSIA, BBWLA, TMZ,VH1


It is also said that Malaysia would like spousal support, and her lawyer fees taken care of. Needless to say this could get messy. Regardless of the outcome one thing is for certain, Malaysia will always keep it classy. To keep up with the progression of this story check back here with KONTROL, and tune in to VH1 Basket Ball Wives L.A. every Monday at 8/7.

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