Transformation Tuesdays: Kelis – Then & Now

We first heard this vivacious bombshell screaming on the track, letting the world know that she was here to stay along with her innovative style. Throughout the past decade, Kelis has shown us that she is a natural born beauty and a show stopping trendsetter. Her unpredictable looks and eccentric creativity always keeps us intrigued.


In 1999, we were introduced to a soft yet rough and edgy chick with her two-toned, blonde and pink ombre curly mane. She didn’t really wear any heavy make-up, letting her flawless skin glow with a splash of blush, filled in eyebrows, and a popping lip-gloss.

After letting us know that her “milkshake” brought all the boys to yard, Kelis came back bouncing like a boss rocking a jet-black and bone straight asymmetrical hair cut in 2006. Every girl wanted the “Kelis cut,” if they didn’t, believe me they thought about it at least once. The make-up remained light but we started to see a little more emphasis on her eyes as she wore an array of colors for shadow defined by eyeliner.

image (1)image (2)

We only saw Kelis on occasion while she was married to legendary rapper, Nas. Following their divorce in 2010, she was pretty lowkey. Busy with being a mother to her son, her styles seemed more toned down but still reflecting her persona.

image (3)

The songbird continues to keep us on our toes as she’s gone back to curly hair that we loved when she first came on the scene. Now, she has long black coiled tresses hanging down her back like Rapunzel.



Not much make-up except an occasional rich lip color or lip-gloss. Without a doubt, this Harlem beauty has stayed true to herself, never disappointing us with her looks. The singer and chef recently released her sixth studio album titled Food and is currently on a US tour. So which do you prefer, Kelis then or Kelis now? Let us know!