Blogger International: Make-up’s Rock Star Artist Valentine Lewis!

Blogger International: Make-up’s Rock Star Artist Valentine Lewis By Akeem J. Fashion & Beauty Editor She’s one of the cool girls. With an eclectic sense of style and talent to match, Valentine Lewis is make-up’s rock start artist. This cosmetic guru got her start only a few short years ago, after a friend convinced her to start a make-up channel on YouTube. Soon after—she would rise to become one of social media’s most followed personalities. You can check Valentine out on Instagram: ByValentineLewis and YouTube: Valentine Lewis – YouTube Beauty Blogger and Makeup Expert

How long have you been doing make-up?
I’ve been doing make-up for about 3 years now.
How did you become the vlogging, cosmetic guru that you are today?
Well in one bright day I just decided to open my own YouTube channel. Actually my gorgeous girlfriend Anna was talking about me becoming a beauty blogger for a few years, so one day I decided to agree with her claims and open my own beauty blog ♥.

Valentine Lewis kontrol magazine

Name your favorite lip-stick shade of the season.
I love, Cashmere by Lime Crime.

What are your top 3 pet peeves when it comes to doing make-up?
I hate applying mascara (laughs), this is why I use fake lashes so frequently.  I also feel really weirdabout eyebrow—mine always come out differently. I was get these little flashbacks when usingeyeliner. I traumatized as a kid, so I tend to avoid eyeliner (laughs).

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Valentine Lewis kontrol magazine

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