Trinidad James dropped from Def Jam



Rapper Trinidad James and all his gold was dropped from  Def Jam.  Having only put out one successful single in 2012, there wasn’t a follow-up single or album to drive his momentum.

He tweeted the news in a very cut to the chase fashion:

“I should tell yall. I got dropped by the Label. My Album is now free. If u hear ur beat or verse on it. I hope u want dap cuz i got no money.”



James  came out the gate blazing due to this single “All Gold Everything.”  Following his successful single, he  dropped a mixtape, “10 Piece Mild,” doing the summer of 2013 which also took off.  The single and mixtape alone had him booking successful tours but it obviously wasn’t enough to sustain him on the Def Jam roster.

That’s really a tough break. Albums are a labor of love and he’s clearly been working on his for at least 2 years.  I hope he put some of that tour and advance money away for a cold day and didn’t spend it all on jewelry.

I’m starting to see a trend in the industry; they’re just giving deals to rappers with a hot song, but no real catalogue or serious talent that they actually believe in.  They use them as long as their single is hot but when it’s time for the next step, they drop these artists without a second thought to their livelihood.  The record label makes a killing off the artist, while the artist barely see the profits unless it’s from an advance or their own personal touring.  As an artist, it seems like staying independent may be where it’s at.  Drop some hot singles and tour on your own.  At least you’ll be able to keep the profit!

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