Vying for Spider-Man! Empire’s Bryshere Y. Gray & A Few Other Actors Fight for the Role of a Lifetime!

Spider-Man is arguably the most popular superhero in the planet. The character has had thousands of issues in the comics, dozens of animated series, and two hit movie franchises. Even more interesting are the otherworldly versions of the character, hailing from alternate universes some of which feature  Spider-Men that are not Peter Parker, male, or Caucasian! One character, Miles Morales, a younger Blatino (Black + Latino) version of the character has risen to prominence in the Marvel Universe thanks to his appearance in the Marvel Ultimate line of comics.


bryshere y. gray spider-man hey mikey atl

Here, Miles takes on the role of Spider-Man after that Earth’s Spider-Man/Peter Parker is killed seemingly killed at the hands of his archenemy, the Green Goblin. Rumors of Miles Morales as Spider-Man in an upcoming movie of the hero have circulated for the last couple of years with young actors like Jaden Smith and Tyler James Williams in the role. However, one Empire star is vying for this lucrative role in a big and blunt way–Bryshere Y. Gray, AKA, “Yazz The Greatest,” BKA, “Hakeem Lyon!”

Bryshere put on the Spider suit in a photo shoot for Paper MagazineThere he states:

“I’m young and pretty and I represent the youth in America and speak to them in a way no one can at this time. I’m the American Idol…“And I like to climb and fly through the sky and also would look amazing in the Spider-Man outfit.”

bryshere y. gray spider-man hey mikey atl

We have to admit he has a point. He is pretty (lol) and he does look amazing in the Spider suit. His physique definitely fills it out perfectly. Still can we see him as mild mannered Miles Morales after playing such an outspoken and rebellious character like Hakeem?  What do you think, comment below! Hero or ZERO?

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